Freakin’ Weekend: 09.24-09.26

globalwarmingYesterday was the first day of fall?! Did anyone else just not see that coming? I know that this was a mild summer and everything, but it just didn’t really occur to me that a.) it was still summer, or b.) that if it were summer, it was coming to an end. I guess maybe with global warming and everything eventually we’ll just have one season. Which, if it stays around 70 degrees and mild, is just fine for me. Maybe climate change isn’t such an evil after all….

Cave, The Tanks, Dunebuggy, Viking Fuck / White Lightning / 8pm / donation
A solid all-around line-up of outsider, lo-fi indie jams. DIY warehouse space White Lightning hosts. If ya don’t know…check facebook, or something.

Rademacher with Coyote Slingshot, Asteroid Pinball Machine, Mumford’s / PS1 / 9pm / $5
A crazy diverse bill featuring California’s Rademacher headlining. A trio of Iowa acts – bringing vastly different styles – provides support. Everything from indie pop, tape loops, freak-folk, and dance jams on this one.

Godard Double Feature / Bijou / 5pm, 7pm, 9pm / $7
Two classic films from the iconic French New Wave filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard. You can see them a la carte, or spend $7 to see them both. “Made in USA” (1966) plays at 5 and 9, while “2 or 3 Things I Know About Her” (1967) plays at 7.

About the Author

Todd is a transplant from the East Coast who came to Iowa City to live life, love music, and enjoy cheap beer. In addition to working on Mission Freak and Mission Creek Festival, he writes semi-regularly for Tiny Mix Tapes and Daytrotter and books music and other events at local non-profit venue Public Space ONE.